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Patient Education

At TMJ Therapy Centre, our holistic approach to your care involves educating you on your health. Below, you can discover a list of varied topics that will help you learn more about improving your wellbeing.

How Do Posture and Balance Affect Your Health?

According to scientific studies, your health is directly connected to your posture and balance. But how, and what can you do to improve them? Learn more about posture and balance.

Children and Sleep

Is your child’s mouth open during sleep? Do they snore? Are they restless sleepers? Learn more about children and sleep. Learn more about children and sleep.

Symptoms of TMD

Waking up tired? Experiencing jaw locking or clicking? Learn more about TMD symptoms.

Sleep Problems Associated With TMJ

Sleep disorders can interfere with your work, participation in social activities and can put your health at risk. Learn more about sleep disorders and TMJ.

Why the Quality and Quantity of Your Sleep Matters

Your body requires sleep to grow, repair and integrate your memories of the day, amongst other essential aspects. If you’re not getting the rest you need, the consequences can be serious. Learn more about the importance of sleep.

How Does Inflammation Affect You?

A myriad of conditions and illnesses can lead to chronic inflammation. Inflammation affects your health; learn more about inflammation.

Why Your Jaw Function Is Crucial to Your Health

If you have jaw problems, the side effects that you experience likely go far beyond pain. Find out how your entire body is affected by jaw problems and get the help you need. Learn more about jaw function.

The Importance of Breathing Through Your Nose

Your breathing habits have a domino effect on the wellbeing of the rest of your body. If you aren’t getting the oxygen you need, your health will decline. Learn more about the importance of breathing through your nose.

Why Your Brain and Body Need Proper Sleep

You probably already know you’ll feel better in the morning if you’ve gotten good-quality sleep. The rest you require, however, is essential for every function in your body. Learn more about your brain and sleep.

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