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Is it a Headache or Is It TMJD?

Blog headache TMJDo you suffer from constant migraines or tension headaches? If you’ve seen a doctor or are on medication due to frequent headaches, you likely know how important it is to spot the warning signs and factors that contribute to your ailment.

For instance, certain foods or drinks may tend to trigger a headache. Or a lack of sleep always leads you down the path towards a migraine.

But what if it’s a neuromuscular disorder contributing to your constant pain?


Understanding TMJ’s Role

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located next to each ear, near several facial muscles, some of which attach to the joint directly. The other end of these muscles extends upwards into the face, forehead, temples and back of the head.

When your facial muscles are constantly tensed irregularly, it can lead to pain and fatigue. If you’re stressed, have an imbalanced bite or simply clench your teeth while you’re sleeping, all of that muscle tension could be the source of your headache.

TMJ Therapy for Headaches

Our holistic dentist will thoroughly evaluate your TMJ to determine if there’s an atypical movement, overuse or an irregularity inside of your joint. If there is, we’ll watch the range of motion and movement patterns to determine if chronic overuse is at play. When it is, it can cause the muscles elsewhere in your face and head to experience pain.

TMJ disorder is best treated holistically and using non-invasive methods. These can include bite splints, physical therapy, massage or sometimes medication. If we control the source of the muscle tension, we thereby alleviate the pain of overuse.

When to See a Dentist

Let us know if you’re experiencing symptoms such as clicking and popping when you open (and close) your mouth, if you clench your teeth, experience frequent pain or have a difficult time eating. A limited range of motion and deviation of your jaw when opening your mouth are common signs of TMJ disorder.

Taking proactive steps towards managing the source of your headaches can help you to live a healthier, happier lifestyle!

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