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About Us

TMJ Therapy Centre was founded by Dentist Dr Wally Hassoun and Chiropractor Dr Jonathan Lubetzky in 2011. Though from different disciplines, their advanced studies led them to realise the connection between jaw-related issues and their effect on the rest of the body.

After treating these concerns for a number of years, they decided to combine their knowledge and created a clinic that is known as the TMJ Therapy Centre in Melbourne.

Who We Help

All ages are welcome at TMJ Therapy Centre, from children to adults, who need answers and solutions for improper breathing patterns, sleep apnoea, temporomandibular (TMJ) dysfunction and pain in the face, jaw, neck and shoulders. We assist those with unresolved discomfort, chronic health issues and athletes who would like to maximise their performance potential.

What We’ll Do for You

We’ll listen carefully to your particular concerns and use our holistic approach to get to the source of your problem and give you a resolution. We use research-based, cutting-edge methods and technology to diagnose your concern.

By combining dental and chiropractic, we can provide non-invasive, comprehensive treatments. Our team has an in-depth understanding of physiology, neurology, jaw anatomy, biochemistry, nutrition, sleep medicine and optimal body alignment and function.

Request a Consultation

We’re proud to be the third clinic accredited as a member of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centres International and the only in Victoria. Contact us today to book your consultation! Health funds are accepted.


TMJ Therapy Centre | (03) 9804 7454