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When Your Jaw Triggers a Headache

Headache pain TMJIf you have a throbbing headache, it’s unlikely you’d think about the possible involvement of your jaw. But many who have been diagnosed with tension headaches actually have an issue with their temporomandibular joint. Or TMJ for short.

The TMJ is made up of two bones, the temporal bone and condyle. They join your lower jaw to your skull, right below both ears. The joint consists of bones, muscles, and nerves. Place your index finger just in front of your ears. Open and close your mouth. The movement you feel under your fingertips is your TMJ in action.

The muscles that permit us to open and close our mouth are common headache culprits. This is especially true if you tend to grind or clench your teeth.

Think of the TMJ as a “hinge” that allows you to talk, laugh and chew, permitting your jaw to move up and down and even side to side.

Due to the hinge and sliding motions, the TMJ is one of the more complicated joints in the body. Besides headaches, you may experience an inability to fully open your mouth, hear popping and clicking sounds, have chewing problems, facial pain, earache and even dizziness.

At the TMJ Therapy Centre, we provide an integrated, full body approach to get to the source of your concerns and help you resolve your headaches.

Our experience with countless cases in the Melbourne area suggests that there is no single cause of TMJ-related headaches. They can worsen in times of stress. And even gum chewing can be implicated.

To know the best treatment option, we begin with a thorough examination. Once completed, we can give you a more accurate diagnosis and prescribe the most promising treatment option. This may include:

  • An oral appliance worn while sleeping to prevent teeth gnashing and grinding.
  • Correction of an abnormal bite to improve the alignment of upper and lower teeth.

We’ll work together to improve TMJ function and help reduce your headaches as quickly as possible. The relief you seek begins by booking a no-obligation consultation.

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